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plaquette inauguration du 12 Octobre 2015


Inauguration on Monday October, 12, 2015

The « Connected Health Lab » research and development platform based on ISIS graduate eHealth engineering school, was inaugurated on Monday October, 12, 2015 at 3 PM in the presence of:



A new PHD student

A new PHD student Rita ZGHEIB has joined the platform research team. “Connected Health Lab” offers a perfect environment to accomplish her thesis labelled


Telemedecine a partnership with HOPI

HOPI Medical has just signed a partnership agreement allowing Connected Health Lab to benefit from access to the company's telemedicine platform as well as from their expertise in this area.


Partnership with EMAC

A partnership agreement was signed with the Ecole des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux at the end of August: Connected Health Lab will provide a platform for test phases and the development of RTLS technology and associated objects as part of a research project in which EMAC's Industrial Engineering department plays a key part.

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rbe-Health is an application domain where innovation flourishes. The effective deployment of these innovative solutions, however, is often hindered by interoperability problems, or by insufficient consideration for the work practices and habits of end-users.
Living Labs, fostering user-centered practices and open to large-scale experimentations, are particularly well suited to the specificity of the healthcare domain. The Connected Health Lab is geared towards pluri-disciplinary R&D teams involved in the development of medical informatics or health information systems. It offers a space for co-design, developed through a tight cooperation with health practitioners and industries, and is aimed at fostering the design and validation of innovative solutions for tomorrow’s e-Health market.

Pr. Rémi Bastide - Research Coordinator for ISIS.